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Trickle Down Love

Sick and tired of

Hanging on the edge,

Life’s periphery

She holds her breathe, grasps

Onto old-vine, slowly

Withers away,

Subsists on his

Trickle down love


Like a shiny Christmas ball, she hangs

On a branch too weak to

Sustain her

She holds tight, despite

A pretty sight

Pretty girl

Me, living on

Trickle down love


A pinky ring, he wears

Me well, though

Not every day, at

His beacon call, ever

Ready, I come

Out to play, when

he feels like it, just

Enough to

Keep me, shiny

Bauble  to throw

His arm round, for

All the world to see

Trickle down love


A balloon, I float

Tethered to

Strings of hope

Afraid to say,

I must go now

Untie this knot

Please, let me be

I beg for treats

He throws scraps

To keep me, pretty

Pooch at his feet

A glimpse of him here, bittersweet

Taste of joy there, I

Eat leftovers, famished

Trickle down love


I question the crumbs, tiny

Morsels he feeds me

Better than


Think  not, I

Deserve  more than

His remnants,

Odds and ends, his

Trickle down love


I am so hungry, and yet

I am full… of him

No boundaries remain

Edges all blurred

Where does he


Where do I


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Washing Machine Talk

In my search for writing  inspiration I came across this TED talk today. It seemed very àpropos considering the fact that 15 loads of laundry awaited my attention. After listening, I finished my laundry and made a vow with myself. I am very fortunate to have a washer and dryer, and I will try my level best not to shirk my laundry duties as I have done the past 2 weeks. I look forward to climbing into my crisp, clean sheets tonight. 

Have a look at it. 

I have another post in the works, I hope to finish  tomorrow. Until then. Hope that you find as much inspiration in this talk as I did. I have rediscovered my laundry room floor. Happy washing to you! 


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