Red Balloons Protest

Goldman Sachs executives are pooping in their pants now. A peaceful protest took place outside of their gleaming towers the other day. I imagine the Goldman executives looking out from their corner offices seeing their  ill begotten fortunes flashed before their eyes in the form of floating red balloons, with letters to the CEO attached. The red balloons are a fantastic metaphor for the shield our government has provided these huge corporations so that they could get rich at the price of the other 99%, us. Profit before the people.

We can POP their bubble if we all stand together and OCCUPY. metaphorically speaking, we hold the needle. Government by the people, power of the people. We are the people. I have included a link to an article I read on Alternet. Read it and see if you don’t agree. This peaceful protest serves as an incredible example for all Americans. It sent a clear message to the execs at Goldman’s and all other monopolistic corporations that are bedfellows of our “elected” officials.  There wasn’t a damn thing the police or anyone on the security staff at Goldman Sachs could do about it. Makes me laugh out loud. I wonder if they might have considered shooting them with rubber bullets!

The real point is that this protest forced Goldman Sachs to take notice, to look at their past behavior and to seriously consider how they will go ahead in the future if they are to survive, or better yet fade off into the sunset. A new day is upon us. We have a right and a responsibility to take part in this movement; dare I say modern American revolution. Here’s to peaceful protest and red balloons; a child’s delight and beacon for progress.

Biometric Door Locks and Bulletproof Windows: How Occupy Wall Street Is Scaring the Heck out of the 1% | News & Politics | AlterNet.

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