Lucky Duck

Young man in white hat and apron behind a row of hanging barbecued ducks

This picture came from another blog I have joined. It was a writing prompt. Here is the poem I wrote after looking at it.

Lucky Duck

Before my eyes alit, I knew


I looked up


I would see

You’ve come unannounced to visit

Delighted to see you, though

Not surprised

You are with me each moment

I am away

Break of day into night


Once strangers, now

Kindred spirits



Not so


Hit or miss

Sliding doors

Serendipity smiles

One and one makes two

You and I

Universal sum

I memorize you daily

Your form, your smell,

your tongue

I watch as you lay there bathed

Early morning sun

A vision that sustains me

In my head while I’m gone


Halved and


Our song

Drowns out the morning


Fowl who must die

At my hands

You must have sensed my dismay

This morning as I sulked

To see you here

Pure joy

My love

For you

I consider myself

Lucky Duck


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6 responses to “Lucky Duck

  1. Jenni, I really enjoyed this. Well done and I love saying lucky duck!



  2. I thought I was the only one who said “lucky duck”…this is delightful…

  3. beautiful take.

    lucky duck is cool to think about.


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