Thank You Mrs. Schlafly and Mrs. Venker, Thank You Both

Come March, a new tome will hit a bookstore near you. A book tour will surely follow. I want to be the first in line for autographs. In fact I will take my two young daughters along, just to let them see firsthand what a female conservative looks like. They may marvel with me, at how out of step with reality one person can actually be. Make that 2 people, how could I forget?  This book has two authors, Phyllis Schlafly, and Suzanne Venker. It’s title really rolls off one’s tongue. Try to say this ten times fast, “The Flipside of Feminism; What Conservative Women Know- And Men Can’t Say?” Quite catchy don’t you think? It certainly caught my eye.

Amanda Hess of the Huffington post interviewed these two women and lived to tell about it. That is she lasted through what must have been a painful interview and a shock to her system. I wonder, if she too might  suffer from what now ails me, “PTIS” (Post Traumatic Interview Syndrome). As I read the dialogue, a fog set in, I fully expected to look out my front door and see a Studebaker roll up my street. Refresh my memory please? It is 2011, correct?  

I have 2 young, impressionable daughters. The moth eaten drivel, which these conservative women spew, frightens me. My daughters, actually, all daughters for that matter, do not need to be pushed back to the days of yore, when women did not have rights, and  their only hope of a college education and career was dependant upon a ride on the coat tails of a father, a brother or great catch of a husband. Women have come too far to lapse into such silent submission.

Feminism is not dead, but rather under fire. We need to unite, as our foremothers did. The antiquated mindset of this so-called “silent majority threatens to erase all that’s been accomplished to date. This quiet assault is like subliminal elevator music, that plays constantly- quietly in the back ground of our every day lives. If one listens long enough, you will begin to sing the song. Women’s rights are under attack. It is time to wake up and continue to relearn the songs that have already been written and to write some new songs of our own. Thank you Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker for your clarification, of so timely an issue.

We have come a long way my sisters, mothers, friends, and foes. Now more than ever, our daughters need role models. We have our work cut out for us. It is not enough to talk the talk. Time to walk the walk.


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2 responses to “Thank You Mrs. Schlafly and Mrs. Venker, Thank You Both

  1. Your post was very interesting, however, I am not sure what threatens our women rights. I assume I must read the book. And I must. I have to go find it and see what I must teach my boys. The women must be aware and the men but learn how to respect. Gotta check it out. Thanks for the book reviews. Sounds like something I would like.

  2. This is just another facet of the wholesale assault on the great strides made by society in general. We've decimated the unions and now we are going after the few remaining union workers. We've decimated our constitution (who needs habeas corpus anyway…right?); we've decimated civil rights and, this attack on women's rights, is part of the effort to bring us back to the good ol' days…that is…the good ol' days when workers had no rights, when women did their “business” in back alleys, when only SELECT white men ran the whole show.

    You are correct…it is time to walk the walk for as long as it takes to bring us back to the ideals that we had thought this country stood for.

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