To Thine Self Be True, Time to Eat

I do not like Winter. Dark mornings and early nights do not sit well with me. So today as I pulled up the shade in my room, and saw the sun, I rejoiced. Despite cold feet and my leaky old windows, I felt a bit warmer inside.  Ah, sunshine! I welcome her touch. Time for me to seize the day.

In a world turned upside down, to face a day presents challenge. I liken myself to a fish, as she struggles to swim upstream; tapped out, at wits end, yet tenacious, determined and ready to keep up the fight. Despite circumstances, ultimately, I will prevail. There’s only one ingredient, oft missing.

I am a chef. As odd as it sounds, I often forget to eat, especially when I’m under stress. My stomach growls as I plow through my tasks. My ADD brain thinks, that this too shall pass. When alas, 3:00 rolls around, and  dammit, I’ve not eaten a bite. Today a new dawn arises. I will nourish myself with food. Wow! Pretty basic! Words are not enough to sustain me. Though I’ve some serious questions to answer and problems to solve, nutrition and  health are core ingredients, and will certainly help carry me along on this journey.

I am left with this thought, a new mantra perhaps?

“Nourish thy body first, your heart is sure to follow.”

You can quote me on that!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Oh? I hear the call. Gotta run. Time to eat!


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2 responses to “To Thine Self Be True, Time to Eat

  1. That is exactly what I was getting at, in a very round about, ADD kind of way! Funny YOU should pick up on that! Wonder why?

  2. “Nourish thy body first, your heart is sure to follow.” – And your mind will follow too.

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