‘Nuf Said

I imagine that most of you watched the Super Bowl game yesterday. I went with my kids to a girlfriend’s house to see it. Her husband and our kids watched while she and I talked in the kitchen. We are not football connoisseurs at heart. Anyway, about 3/4 of the way through said football game, I received a text from a friend that said, “Want you to watch the Black Eyed Peas on sb. There is a blog piece. Note the song where they want to educate the children.” It was too late to catch it live, so I watched it via computer when I got back home.

I am a lover of music. My taste runs the gamut. I love Jazz, Classical, Classic Rock and most Pop, up to about 1994. Folk, Gypsy, Salsa you name it, and being a Minnesota girl at heart, I love Prince. But after listening to the Super Bowl Half time show, I am truly at a loss. What passes for music and entertainment is quite frankly beyond my comprehension. We all love to be entertained, but it was truly painful to listen to this shameless debacle.

What possessed the planners of this show? I can only imagine the conversations that took place at the conference tables to decide who should be the chosen entertainment for the Super Bowl half time festivities. This is the conversation that plays out in my head.

“Michael Jackson is dead.” Said talking head number 1.

“He is? How about Neil Young? He’s only half dead.” Answers talking head 2.

“No way! The young fans want hip and cool.” Whines head number 3.

“How about that group with whats her name? Fur something?” Suggests Mr. Old Head.

“The Black Eyed Peas. Perfect. Yo. Boom. Boom.” exclaims Mr. Young Head.

“Lay it down, so many ways to love her.”

“Oh my gosh, we can get Usher too, and don’t forget Slash. He and the Ferg will rock it.”

“Sweet child of mine, I think we’ve figured it out! Fill up my cup! Tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

You get my drift? Forgive me if I am wrong! Nuf said!


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2 responses to “‘Nuf Said

  1. I don't listen to much 'current' music, but I had heard the Black Eyed Peas before and kind of liked them… until the Super Bowl. I agree with you “what were 'they' thinking?!” Uhg. Horrid halftime show.

  2. I saw your post on another site and decided to check out your blog like you mentioned. It gets confusing between different blog hosts so till I figured out how to comment- wow, I am getting old. I only read this post- I hope to read up on some others- I really enjoyed. So comical and I can very much relate. 🙂 Keep posting!

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