Biscuit Vision…part 2…

Some background on my beliefs in dreams…

I am not an “out there” girl, meaning believe in ghosts, past lives etc. But I must say I am beginning to veer off in that direction. Considering the clarity of my Grandma Gert dog biscuit dream, I would have to be a fool NOT to believe. I awoke feeling as if I had a real conversation with her. I have never experienced this before now. Something happened in my psyche during that dream. Gert and her dog loving ways will live on through me. I intend to make a go of this come hell or high water. It makes far too much sense in the big picture not to.

As I said before, Gert was the woman who kindled in me a passion for food and cooking. She was my inspiration to go to cooking school. She taught me the basics which I use every day. The quencher and karmic piece comes from the fact that these biscuits were the first thing she ever taught me to cook.

I have named them after her…”Gertchews“. So I dedicate this adventure to Grandma Gert, my mentor, my muse.

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